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"Lauren Thompson employs distorted photographs with slow shutter effects to explore the underpinnings of our psyches and the personas that emerge from them. Using herself as a conduit for her own subconscious energies, thoughts and emotions, Thompson “works from within,” urging us to consider our own multiplicities as she slips into these deep-dives with ease.

Thompson’s photographic work is often imbued with the velvet red, neon lights, ultraviolet, and high contrast black and white atmospheric tones of a fashion editorial, simultaneously exploring that which can be gruesome, elegant, harrowing, glamorous, vulnerable, confident, and sincere all at once. 

We can only see so far into that tightly enclosed space of Thompson’s figures, their dances, and the streams of consciousness that dictate them, but we are still prompted to practice empathy, to connect with these moods and to see ourselves and others accordingly. If given the proper attention, our viewing of her work can achieve a collective unfurling." - Hind Berji

Hand drawn animation by Lauren Thompson

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