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June 2022



(10% of the proceeds will go to fund Mental Health project, Mindwaves)


Lauren Thompson (Artist & Curator) 

Instagram: @laurenthompsonstudio  Website:




Lauren Thompson’s self-portrait photography and moving image work is influenced by elements of expressionism and surrealism. Working with a slow shutter speed, the artist uses her skin as the paint and movement and emotions as the brush. This technique creates distortion and sometimes the emergence of biomorphic shapes, creating multifaceted portraits. Lauren uses herself as a conduit to create an embodiment of complex emotion and subconscious energies which exist beneath the persona.


Works on Show:


Scream of the Butterfly Triptych, 2022, (3 x Fine Art Photography prints on Hahnemühle Baryta paper) Limited edition of 8 + 2 A.P, with certificate of authenticity £1200


Metamorphosis -  Moving Image installation, 2022 (Projected Film with music by Ludovico Einaudi)



Butterflies, as a symbol, are often associated with a whimsical beauty but one rarely considers the brutal process the creature goes through to become that way. Caterpillars retreat into their cocoons and within the darkness begin to digest themselves, a macabre and painful notion which from the outside we would never know. After the metamorphosis, we only see the light and delicate butterfly float off out of the abandoned carcass of its past self and are left to imagine what went on inside the cocoon. 


More limited edition prints from this series will be released at 


Steve Chapman 

Instagram: @stevexoh  Website:




Steve Chapman is a self-taught “outsider” artist known for his distinctive black and white drawings, his colourful paintings, his 3D wooden cut-outs and his unusual conceptual art projects such as the globally viral “(Not a) Lost Cat” project and “Sound of Silence”, the world’s first silent podcast featuring special guests.


Steve finds the World a fascinatingly bizarre place and creates art to give his hyperactive imagination an outlet. His work has been described as “art which captures so well how weird and imperfect the world is.”


He has sold his work across 5 continents, exhibited alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley and hosted two successful solo art exhibitions in the UK in 2021.  In addition to exhibiting in galleries Steve is often commissioned to paint murals and street art.


Steve is at his best when he doesn't quite know what he is doing.




Works on Show:


THAT DAY IN W1, 2021, Acrylic paints and pens on canvas, £1,750


EVERYDAY DEMONS, 2021, Acrylic paints on canvas,  £495 


EXISTENTIAL ONION (GREEN), 2021, Acrylic paints and pens on canvas, £495


TINY AND TRANSULCENT, 2021, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


THE IRRIDESCENT SWAMP CREATURES, 2021, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


A TINY DOG ON SOME GIANT STEPS, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


EXISTENTIAL TUSSLES OF THE HEART, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


IS THIS NORMAL?, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


X-RAY, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


A TIGHT SHIP, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195 


SHADOWS,⁠ Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195


WHY AM I SO SHY?⁠, Acrylic pens on paper (framed), £195




Vilma Venmo

Instagram: @vauhtivilma  Website:




Vilma Leino is a Finnish born, Berlin based photographer. She was born in 1999 and has been using photography as a medium since 2015. Her work focuses on self-portraiture, which she uses to reflect inner emotions, solitude, memories and personal experiences. In her work, she creates female characters with untold stories and experiments with strong colour schemes, composition and human body. The photographs often balance between beauty and horror, and she uses humour as an aspect to lighten up darker subjects. Her photographs are a one-woman show, where being in control and the fear of losing it are in constant dialogue, forming a story about personal growth, where fears are forming into strength.


Works on Show:


The Unknown Caller, Year, Medium, Price 


Down on the Floor, Year, Medium, Price 


Bedtime stories, Year, Medium, Price 


Samo Shalaby

Instagram: @samo_shalaby  Website: 




“My name is Samo Shalaby, I am an Egyptian / Palestinian fine artist based in the UK. Balancing between the mediums of Painting and Photography, along with set design, styling, and art direction. With my work I aim to blur lines between gender, culture, couture, and identity. I like to embed dichotomous narratives that lurk behind beautiful facades. I grew up in Cairo and moved to London to study, where I had more freedom to find myself. As a kid I was always in my mother’s studio learning the most incredible techniques and references. Around the same time I was playing dress up behind closed doors and photographing it. Creating sets and backdrops, different worlds for my characters to flourish. Using myself as the canvas in my purest form of escapism. This all has led me to where I am today, finding balance through curiosity. It taught me to remind myself that we do have a place in this world if we create it. My aim is to use my work as a voice for those who wear themselves on the outside. A safe world for us to thrive and conquer. No longer living through silence in black and white, but through a world of technicolor.”


Works on Show:


Siouxsie (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200 




Inspired by my mom and her childhood goth days. She taught me everything I know about music, art, and beauty from a young age. Favorite Bands: Bauhaus and The Cure; Favorite Song: “Aisha” by Death in Vegas; Era: 1980’s


Deko (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200 




Inspired by the androgynous flapper silhouette of the 1920’s, soft femme faces, heads scalped and bodies beaded in velvet and furs. Favorite Bands: Roy Orbison and Nat King Cole; Favorite Song: “I’ll Never Smile Again” by Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra; Era: 1920’s


Vicious (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200 




Inspired by the Genderfuckers of the late 70’s punk scene, men suited in Westwood, strutting on kings road with a glam eye and lash or four. Favorite Bands: Led Zeppelin and The Velvet Underground; Favorite Song: “21st Century Boy” by T Rex; Era: 1970’s.


Basha (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200




Inspired by historical Egyptian portrait photography and reconnecting to my culture and childhood routes. Favorite Bands: Abd El Halim Hafez and Fairuz; Favorite Song: “The Way it Used To Be” by Engelbert Humperdinck; Era: 1950’s.


Abducta (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200




Inspired by my visions of aliens, space, latex, and of course Thierry Mugler. Favorite Bands: Alien Sex Fiend and Death in Vegas; Favorite Song: “Human Fly” by The Cramps; Era: The Future.


Marlene (Self Portrait), 2021, A2 Framed Print on 230gsm matte paper, £200




Inspired by Marlene Dietrich’s gender bending approach to fashion, and exploring how we put so much emphasis between clothing and gender that it restricts so much of our decision making. A suit can be just as masculine or feminine depending on who you want to be that day, or it can be floating somewhere in the middle. Out of the gender box is where I feel most comfortable exploring myself. Favorite Bands: Connie Francis and The Beatles; Favorite Song: “Lady Shave” by Fad Gadget; Era: 1940’s.


Kasra Karimi

Instagram: @kasrak_film  Website:




I am a British-Iranian multi award winning filmmaker, painter, fine art, and astronomy photographer based in London, UK. My films have been screened at some of the most prestigious film festivals around the world and my photos have been featured in well-known photography magazines such as Aesthetica, BBC’s Sky at Night magazine, Astronomy magazine and Frame magazine. I have exhibited my photos in several galleries and have sold many of my limited-edition prints. 

After 10 years of taking fine art photos, I finally dived into the world of astrophotography in 2018. I often travel to remote places to capture these photos so I can be away from light pollution. These are mostly taken from Suffolk, West Sussex, Dorset, and Powys.

Works on Show:

The Butterfly, date, (Photography print on museum grade fine art paper) Limited edition of 25, with certificate of authenticity and information pack, £575


The Heart and Soul, date, (Photography print on museum grade fine art paper) Limited edition of 25, with certificate of authenticity and artwork passport, £575


The Ghost of Cassiopeia, date, (Photography print on museum grade fine art paper) Limited edition of 25, with certificate of authenticity and artwork passport, £550



This series of deep space photos (known as astrophotography) is about capturing the light itself, every photon of it.

Shot in the UK and Spain with a telescope, camera, and an equatorial sky tracker, I capture some of the most iconic deep space targets that are hundreds, thousands, and even millions of light years away from us, photons that have travelled an enormous distance to reach his camera.

These photographs are the product of a lengthy process, from intensive planning, travelling to remote places -away from light pollution- and multiple imaging nights, to process, calibrate and edit the data which can take days and even weeks. The biggest obstacle that I face is the weather. There are many elements that must come together in order to have an ideal condition for a successful imaging session.


Grace Saint 

Instagram: @grace__saint


Performance 3x3m (rough estimate) - costume and set can remain for the duration of the show after the performance has ended

 - side note I could come in and do the performance again, say on the Saturday afternoon, come in for an hour and do a re-run


Noah’s Ark is a body of works that explore the correlating relationship between the false hope that religion offers our fear of certain death and the false hope that they experienced in the early stages of recovery from a methamphetamine addiction. Heavily inspired by Carl Jung’s archetypal events, the performance focuses on the desperation for the cleansing power of the flood. Viewers are invited to help Saint wash away their sins with the blood of Christ.




Grace Saint is a multimedia artist navigating what religion means in the modern world. Their work explores and critiques religious iconography, the practice of confession, sacrifice, redemption and piety. Their practice addresses the need for viewers and disciples alike to experience community within themselves whether that be through sensory experience or inducing awe and faintly touching on the sublime. There is a constant revisiting of ritual practices often centring the life and death cycle that continue throughout. Saint has a particular interest in what a 'religious experience' now looks or feels like to those who are deconstructing their faith and how the modern spiritual pick 'n' mix approach to religion bleeds into worship of fame, excess and egoistic self grandeur. 


Works on Show:


Noah’s Ark, 2020, Life Performance and film


Costume from performance £800

Photographs 40x30cm [51x41cm inc frame] (2020) £125




Noah's Ark is a body of work that explores the correlating relationship between the false hopes attributed to death rituals and recovery from drug addiction.


Russell Thompson





Russell is a filmmaker, writer and artist. He has lived in Guildford for twenty years but is originally from South Africa. He has exhibited in three countries, including Portugal where he lived for three years. Although he has given priority to his writing and filmmaking he hopes to focus more on painting in the future.


Works on Show:


The Green Man, Oil paint on canvas, Not for Sale 


Contortionist, Oil paint on canvas, Not for Sale


Man Without a Face, Fine art reproduction print of original painting by Thompson on Hahnemühle Museum Etching paper


2 Sizes available:


16 x 20 inch print £80 (Limited edition of 20)

8 x 10 inch print £40 (Limited edition of 20)

Screenshot 2022-05-16 at 13.48.52.png

Artists Exhibiting


- There are 8 artists in this exhibition: 


Steve Chapman - @stevexoh 

Vilma Leino - @vauhtivilma  

Samo Shalaby - @samo_shalaby 

Kasra Karimi - @kasrak_film 

Kate Zhydkova - @kate_zhydkova 

Grace Saint - @grace__saint 

Lauren Thompson - @laurenthompsonstudio 

Russell Thompson 


Our Instagram handle is @the_screamofthebutterfly Please tag us on any of your photos, videos or posts about the show!  


Davies Gilder Gallery at the: @newhouseartspace  

Curator and Artist: @laurenthompsonstudio  

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